Who we are

Music For Change is a social entreprise (it has both a corporate and a non-profit entity) whose main objective is to build the capacity of artists who are interested in producing and promoting music about social change. Music For Change was established in 2015. Its establishment was announced by 44th President of the United States Barack Obama in July 2015.

Music For Change scouts talent from underprivileged communities and we link young people to their role models in order to encourage established talent to motivate upcomers.

We provide mentorship to new artists so as to help them create a powerful legacy for themselves and for Africa. We also aim to change the mindset of young Africans from over-dependency on opportunities created by governments to creating their own opportunities using their God-given talents. We strive to help create a better society using the power and influence of socially-conscious music.

Music For Change organises social awareness events to promote important social causes. Its artists are passionate about addressing social issues such as violence against women, child marriages, HIV/AIDS, political violence, voter apathy, children’s education, global peace, human rights, street children, corruption, drug addiction and social justice.

We wish to help improve the quality of African music by equiping artists and producers with necessary skills and linking them to our international partners who have wide experience in the arts sector. This is in our quest to make African music internationally competitive.

One of the strengths of Music For Change is that it helps other entities and organisations to design and implement projects that enable them to achieve their objectives.

Artists recording with Music For Change Studios include B’Flow, JC Starboy, Zed Pride, D2, Just Slim, Kantu, Omega and Samaritan.

Our vision

Our vision is a transformed African narrative dominated by bold, positive, innovative, and inspiring stories.  

Sowing the seeds of social change through music.To change the narrative of the stories emerging from Africa into a bold, positive, inspiring story

Our mission

Our mission is to change the African narrative and sow the seeds of social change by globally releasing and distributing socially conscious African music, and promoting art and culture.