Obama invites B’Flow to launch Obama Foundation

Immediate past United States President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have launched The Obama Foundation in their hometown of Chicago.

And guess who is invited to the launch next month? Yep, B’flow a.k.a Brian Bwembya.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Obama have invited me to Chicago. I thank God that since 2015, our partnership has grown and the Obamas are still supporting my work in various ways. During my time in Chicago, I will attend the first ever Obama Summit and the launch of Obama foundation which was recently established,” B’flow said.

“I’m always happy to represent the African continent on a global scale. In 2015, President Obama ended his YALI Presidential Summit speech by saying ‘So Brian, we are proud to be your partner!’ I say yes indeed, the partnership is amazing”, Brian said.

The event is likely to take place month end of October in Chicago but B’flows says he will go earlier by the first week of October in order to gather out few things before the event.

“I don’t take the privilege of receiving an invitation from Obama for granted, it shows that there is really something am doing right. I’am a very open person, those who are interested in learning some things know that am an open person. I interact with pretty much everybody including those who are not in the music industry. Those people who would want to work with me or get advice from me on how I do some of these things are free to walk into music for change were I am found and I can mentor them,” B’flow said.

Asked if he had found a life partner himself after all the support he was rendering to women through his music.

“I’am not married but I’am communicating with someone at the moment and hopefully things will turn up well. I encourage all my fellow artists to realize that we are role models and leaders, let us not only look at music as entertainment but we are leaders and influencers because we influence what people do,” said B’flow


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